Pension Pilot

A service to give you a better understanding of your pension

Duvi stands for “you (du) and we (vi) as a team”. Therefore, we want to help you understand your pension and your choices. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have created the service Pension Pilot.

What does the Pension Pilot do?

The pension pilot will first and foremost answer your questions about your pension. You will also be able to get a simple explanation of how pension works for you, and what opportunities you have to influence it.

How do I get in touch?

You have several opportunities to contact the Pension Pilot:

  1. Book time in his calendar
    The Pension Pilot can go through your pension with you, and answer most of your questions about it. Book time directly in his calendar here.
  1. The Pension Pilot calls you back

    Leave your phone number here, and he will call you back.

    1. Call the Pension Pilot

      You can reach him within normal office hours (09:00-15:00) on  (+47) 94 00 84 01

      In case he’s busy, he will call you back.